Pastoral Leadership

Track Leaders:
Darren & Marci DeLaune and Rick & Michelle Bezet

The Pastoral Leadership track is for the person who has been called to full-time ministry as a campus pastor or associate pastor, leading at a high level within the church. Students will be equipped to take on the spiritual responsibility of leading each member of a campus with excellence and humility.

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Care Pastoral

Track Leaders:
Rachael Bernardi

The Care Pastoral track equips students to be well-rounded pastors at their campus. They will learn to meet the needs of individuals and families through difficult seasons of their lives. From day-to-day pastoring to leading teams, students in Care Pastoral will be able to communicate with others their relationship with God in life-giving ways.



Student Pastoral

Track Leaders:
Tommy and Amber Hunt

The Student Pastoral track will empower leaders to apply what they learn in class to New Life Church student ministries across the state. Leaders will learn how to teach students to develop a deeper relationship with God and each other, helping them find their place in the church.

Children’s Pastoral

Track Leaders:
Kevin Little, Tamara Watson,
Bridget Keylor

The Children’s Pastoral track prepares students to impact the youngest generation of our church. This track will teach on the developmental journey that a child takes on their way to adulthood so they can be reached in this season life.

Missions &
Local Outreach

Track Leaders:
Dr. Q & Lisette Washispack

Students in Missions and Local Outreach have a passion for reaching the lost and helping those in need. This track will further cultivate a heart of compassion through establishing a biblical foundation, teaching how to identifying needs, and equipping students to serve locally and internationally.



Track Leaders:
Neil Greathouse, Angie Brown, Lydia Flood,
Becca Honea, Justin Free

The Creative track is designed for people who are called to see vision come to life. Creative looks at the big picture of what God is doing across the state and nation through New Life Church. Students will be challenged to learn new skills, problem solve any situation, take a project from start to finish, and the invaluable skill of working with a team.


Track Leaders:
Rick & Ellen Hutchinson
and Abbey & Christian Ichter

The Worship track equips students to be well-rounded worship leaders at their campus. Students will learn the heart and responsibility of pastoring worship teams musically, relationally, and spiritually. They will have the opportunity to develop their musicianship in the classroom and on stage to serve ministries within the church.


Admin & Support

Track Leader:
Allison Parker

The Admin and Support track is designed for people gifted with the ability to develop systems, organize details, and carry out tasks that support the vision of New Life Church. Students in this track will understand and execute the day-to-day happenings of the church, from communication to scheduling to organizing projects and watching events come to life.

Organizational Development

Track Leader:
Trip Leach

Organization Development emcompasses the staff support teams for New Life Church. Finance, Human Resources, Legal, and Campus Development provide assistance to all of our locations and the launches of new campuses. These teams develop systems and processes that are foundational for our entire church.


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