The Program

This program has been designed to grow your biblical leadership capacity while you put your abilities and gifting to use doing the practical work of the church. As such, the program is divided into two core sections: biblical studies and training. Classes are held in the evenings, no more than twice per week. You will also work closely with church leaders to discern your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to find your best fit in the ministry of your local church.

Your full commitment will be 6–10 hours per week, including both classes and ministry training.

In an effort to make the School of Ministry more accessible, our Bible Classes, which encompass the largest time commitment in the program, are offered online. Assignments are released weekly, and each student has 7 days to complete them. These Bible classes are available as a standalone if you are not interested in the track portion. 

Biblical Leadership Studies

(12 credit hours)

Semester 1

Old Testament Survey (3 credit hours)

New Testament Survey (3 credit hours)

Semester 2

Bible Interpretation (3 credit hours)

Spiritual Formation (3 credit hours)

(16 credit hours)

Semester 3

Life of Christ (3 credit hours)

Jesus in Isaiah (1 credit hours)

The Book of Ruth (2 credit hours)

Semester 4

The Theology of Salvation: The Book of Acts (3 Credit Hours)

The Theology of Salvation: The Book of Romans (3 Credit Hours)

Pastoral Care (4 Credit Hours)


Ministry Training

You will also gain practical experience in one or more of the following areas of ministry within the church:

Pastoral Leadership
Care Pastoral
Student Pastoral
Children's Pastoral

Missions and Local Outreach
Administration and Support
Organizational Development

The program is designed to be a two-year program broken into four semesters. Each semester is 16 weeks of coursework, with a weeklong break at eight weeks. 

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Biblical Studies and Ministry (CBSM).

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Full Program:
$500 per semester

Bible Classes Only:
$350 per semester

Assessment Fee:
$99 one time fee

Application Fee:
$50 one time fee

Additional costs for: DISC Profile, Spiritual Gifts, Strengths Finder

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